Monday, April 25, 2016

Golfers Are a Committed Group

For the past ten days it seems that Mother Nature has decided to work with the golf Gods and grant us a beautiful start to the season.

I was out at Carl's Golf land in Bloomfield on Sunday morning with a fellow golf nut at the crack of dawn to get working on the golf season as we were anxious to get our season started. We arrived around 9 and waited for the doors to open. We weren't the only ones, within fifteen minutes the driving range was filled with golfers. That's the thing about golfers, we are a committed bunch, either the average recreational, private club or just your Sunday golfers.

I noticed a few things while I hit my large bucket of golf balls trying to figure out what kind of swing I was starting my season off with. Golf is a rare club, it brings together people from all over the world to practice and get better at a game, that is never the easiest to be conquered.

Every golfer is different from the small kids just learning the game to the senior golfers just keeping a tradition and bond alive with their friends. In contrast, they all have something in common with each other, a unique swing and vision on how they see the game of golf. Some want to drive the ball 300 yards while some just want to spend time with their grandfather, father, son or daughter and take in the memories. That's the wonderful thing about golf, we understand where these people are coming from.

Back to the range last Sunday, I witnessed the golfers who was trying out EVERY new piece of technology so that he could drive the ball further and straighter. I also saw a father with his wife, son and daughter enjoying time together. He was trying to teach his son that it doesn't matter how far the ball goes, you just need to get the basics down and make contact. Obviously, the little boy wasn't interested in the lesson being taught to him by his father but if he continues with golf, he'll eventually learn this lesson.

 Seeing this at the range, brought to mind the previous memories of me and my grandfather when I was that age. I was lucky enough to learn the game of golf from my Grandfather, God rest his soul but he taught me the basics of the game, it was something him and I would share together for 27 years and I'll never forget them.

So please go out to your local public course (or private if you're lucky enough to belong to one of Michigan's private courses) and hit the links or the driving range and enjoy all the beauty that this game has to offer.

Until next time - Just keep swinging

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring is here! Even though it doesn't feel like it outside


That's what we all said here in Michigan on March 20th and golfers have been searching for their golf bags, heading off to their local golf shop and stocking up on new equipment and trying to figure out how to improve their golf swing for the coming golf season.

Except Mother Nature has not been friends with us here in Michigan with snow and colder temperatures that even the die hard fans don't want to play in. The crazy ones are still outside playing in this weather because well, we are crazy (not me, I have only been hitting balls at the range).

I have spoken with some of my crazy golf brother-en and most of them are drooling at the idea of golf season being just around the corner (it's here but Mother Nature just won't let us play outside just yet).

Hopefully, Mother Nature will let us crazy ones start our golf seasons soon. Until then, I'll be planted on my couch and watching the MASTERS.

Until next time- Keep Swinging

116th U.S AMATEUR- Michigan Qualifying Locations

The Michigan qualifying locations have been chosen for the 116th U.S Amateur August 15-22. There will be 50 qualifying locations around the country including one in both Canada and Mexico. Almost 5,000 entrants will compete to be apart of the 312 player championship field.

Michigan will host four qualifying locations that will consist of 36 hole stroke play to name the top qualifiers at each location to make up the 312 player field.

The Four Michigan Locations-

July 5th - Egypt Valley (Grand Rapids)

July 11th - Plum Hollow (Southfield)

July 15th - Forest Akers - West GC (East Lansing)

July 18th - Oakland University GC - Katke Course (Rochester)